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These budget proposals will be submitted to the finance ministry and the FBR in the next couple of days.Metro Mirror - An invention to discover and prosper with modern Delhi.Md Siddique Beary,Partner Bearys Group, Bangalore receiving Award from Arif Nasim Khan, Cabinet Minister of Maharashtra September 17, 2013.Sugar industry argued that due to a decline in the international market the industry should be given export rebate and an incentive like SRO 77, which was to encourage export and to avail reduced rate of sales tax of 0.5% against corresponding local sales.He invited representatives of all the political parties to join their sit-in to express solidarity with farmers facing worst situation in the country.

The strike has also badly disrupted ongoing exports of garlic and potatoes.Former Chairman FBR, Nisar Mohammad Khan had anticipated that reinstatement of zero rating for five export-oriented sectors would not have any impact on growth of exports and exporters would soon invent further excuses for the decline in exports.Sugar industry also requested Secretary Industries and Production to release TDAP rebate as industry is facing a liquidity crunch.A marketing board should be set up to keep a check on the activities of commission agents.This escalates production costs and makes the business more susceptible to market vulnerabilities.

Talking about recent tragic incident in Mirjaveh in which 10 Iranian border guards died and one of them was still missing, he said a role may be played to bring perpetrators to book.Moreover, Turkey and Indonesia are huge markets for halal products in the Muslim world.

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Presently, the country has over 169m heads of quality livestock with 74m cows and buffaloes and 95m sheep and goats.Fundamental reforms in agricultural research and extension systems, marketing of crops and livestock products (market reforms) as well as water management policies and institutions, could provide greater efficiency to the sector.

Developing, registering and documenting disease-free zones in a way that inspires international confidence and enhances Pakistani exports competitiveness in the world market is essential.He said despite many commonalities the volume of bilateral trade is unsatisfactory but resumption of the banking channels will boost trade to five billion dollars per annum as desired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while meeting Iranian foreign minister.The current price of a potato bag is around Rs1,700-1,800 while all the cold storages in the area are booked to capacity.A couple of aspects of Ramazan-related food items trade merit a deeper analysis, but due to poor documentation and difficulty in data collection even for non-tax purposes, these aspects remain professionally unexplored.Due to prolonged winter season, hail storm and strong winds in Punjab, the collective production of mango is anticipated to decline and from total estimated production of 1,800,000 metric tons about 600,000 metric ton could be damaged due to climatic changes.

Zero rating facility on supplies of finished fabric is restricted to the extent of registered manufacturers only.The yield gaps are even greater for some cash crops, such as sugarcane in Sindh (73pc) and Punjab (62pc).

In stark contrast to the outside world, meat industry hardly gets the attention it deserves owing to it being their staple food.Russia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Central Asia and the Middle East are big markets for the Pakistani potato, whose quality and shelf-life is better than the Indian variety.They urged the Sindh government to immediately intervene and end the strike at the earliest.He says only 7pc buffaloes and 26pc cows are genetically pure (not mixed breeds), while 71pc farmers are either landless or each owns less than five acres of land.The FBR has collected Rs 5 billion sales tax from this stage of textiles during the first nine months of 2016-17 as compared to Rs 11 billion during the comparable period of 2015-16, reflecting a decrease of Rs 6 billion.An almost 20pc rise in domestic prices of fodder following exports from Pakistan, especially of Rhodes grass and wheat-straw, to the Middle East, over the last two years has awakened all stakeholders to its serious consequences.Apart from water stress, productivity is also considerably lower in Pakistan than in other countries.

The climatic changes are big challenge for the entire agriculture sector including horticulture sector and government can find appropriate solution by using technology, he added.As shown by various studies and identified by multilateral agencies, cost of doing business in our country is quite high, competitiveness is low, energy shortages are rampant, tax policies are not business-friendly and neighbouring countries are not happy with Pakistan.

Media reports indicate that Fauji Meat has been pursuing key importers in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Egypt, Qatar and the UAE.Islamic World News., the dawn-to-dusk fast during Ramzan along with 1,174 Muslim prisoners. ISLAMABAD - The government on Tuesday agreed,.

He said that we want to improve trade relations and a monthly meeting will be held between representatives of FPCCI and the Embassy officials to find ways and means to improve the trade and overcome hurdles.To avoid the piling up of refunds, it has been proposed that the targets of tax officers should be fixed on a gross collection basis.Supplies to about 30 secondary wholesale and semi-wholesale markets in Karachi and also to main markets of interior Sindh, Balochistan and lower Punjab are also growing.Though slaughtering process being 10 times slower than stunning, the halal and kosher meat is clean and healthy.In India, he said, support prices of all the 27 crops have been fixed by the government but in Pakistan supporting price of only wheat crop has been fixed.For instance, the Muslim population in North America alone exceeds 5 million who predominantly opt for halal food.

So far as DFI was concerned, CPEC, according to the participants of the seminar, represents a big step forward.Our pattern of exports was not aligned with the current configuration of global trade.Zero rating facility on import and supplies of industrial raw material listed in Table-1 was also extended to registered manufacturers who manufacture goods listed in table-I or table-II.HANOI: Asian trade ministers met Monday to hammer out the terms of a massive China-led pact that has taken centre stage as Washington pulls away from regional free trade deals in favour of bilateral agreements.

LAHORE: Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) and Custom Syndicate are jointly organizing a high profile trade delegation and study tour to Kashgar-China by road.The sources said Javed Kayani, Chairman PSMA, presented a detailed report at the SAB meeting relating to issues of sugar industry.Several remaining members have championed its revival, namely New Zealand and Japan, the only two countries that have formally ratified the deal.The stakeholders have also demanded that the zero-rating facility be extended to cover packaging material, which is an essential input in value-added exports.He stressed that traders in both countries should pay exchange visits and expand their businesses.

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